John Bailey is excited about the challenges that joining the Windermere team will bring. His background in ministry includes local church work and management at the denominational level. He has led students and mission groups in recreation, camps, and service since the mid-80's. Overarching his life experience is a passion for the kingdom of God in Jesus Christ, a love for missions, and the desire to build a cohesive team wherever he serves. John is a compassionate listener and a loyal worker, as well as being a bridge-builder and a voice of reason in crisis. John and his wife of 30 years, Carol, have served through the local church in Hendersonville, TN; in John's hometown of Memphis, TN; and in Alpharetta, GA, where their two daughters (Christa and Cara) primarily grew up. In the late 90's he joined the team that mobilized students to rehabilitate sub-standard housing, known as World Changers, eventually leading the team as national manager, both through the North American Mission Board of Southern Baptists and at LifeWay Christian Resources. Volunteerism drives a large organization such as World Changers and her companion service model, P2 Missions, a church-starting strategy for students and their leaders. Through John's leadership over 24,000 students and adults were mobilized in 100 one-week projects in over 80 cities annually. John attended Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, and is a graduate of the University of Memphis, BBA. He is also a proud graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, MARE.