Thoughts about Camping

Camping has become one of the rights of passage for many Americans. This right of passage has united families, not only drawing us closer to each other but also drawing us closer to God. So, whether you are camping in style in a 40′ 5th wheel trailer or roughing it in a small tent, the heart and tradition of camping still remain. With Father’s Day just around the corner, make time to invest in memories that will last forever – take your family camping.

Being a First Follower

In today’s world, we aspire to become great leaders. But one thing we forget to look at is that behind every great leader is a first follower. Andrew the first follower of Christ will went into the history books. Do you have what it takes to step out into the unknown like Andrew?

Love of God

When you first arrived at beautiful Windermere, think back to what you first did. Many are drawn in and inspired by beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. Every time I see a guest dipping their feet into the lake for the first time, I pray, “Lord, just like they see the lake for the first time, please let them know your love in an intimate, authentic way, maybe even for the first time, this week.”

Bright New Lights

“You are the light of the world, a city on our hill.” This part of scripture doesn’t just hold true for Windermere but for everyone. He claims that YOU truly are the light of the world. Read more to find out exactly how you can “let your light so shine before men.”

Lessons From an Eagle

Hello Windermere Friends,
Did you know that about 2500 migrating eagles will spend most of the winter in Missouri? Just like the eagle, we are called to “soar on the wings of eagles.” What does this mean in regards to Windermere and how can we apply this biblical mindset to Windermere?

The Power of Camp

Hello Windermere Friends.
With all the trends in today’s youth, camps are becoming in integral part healthy development. The numbers, as you are about to see, are staggering! See how Windermere can improve those numbers.

Changing My Mind

Hello Windermere Friends,
“We have reared a generation of brats. Parents aren’t firm enough with their children for fear of losing their love or incurring their resentment. This is a cruel deprivation that we professionals have imposed on mothers and fathers. We didn’t realize until it was too late how our know-it-all attitude was undermining the self-assurance of parents.” -Dr. Benjamin Spock
I have found Jeff Iorg’s book, Seasons of a Leader’s Life, to be very insightful. Jeff makes a case for three times when a leader should change his mind. Here is how I apply this to my life.

A Cave

Hello Windermere Friends,
When the Lord’s will is involved, there is always more to the story. We might think David has reached a low point in his life, but, with God as his refuge, David has actually reached a place of redirection! How many times has God given us a “redirection” in life?