First Love… then Love Again

First Love… then Love Again


Learning to love beyond yourself starts with you.

This holiday season should bring a fullness of love, but we often find ourselves far far from it.  Our frustrations at people brew in over-crowded shopping malls, that one guy who took my parking spot & even mustering up the courage to tolerate our extended family for one more year as we gather around the table.

Can anyone relate?

How is this love possible? How do we start?

On our own, it would be impossible. But when we operate in the Spirit, we have a supernatural ability to overcome. What an amazing gift!

First, we must learn to receive God’s love for ourselves. Until then, we can’t truly love anyone else. We may do and say all the right things, but our motivation will be all wrong.

Why did the Fruit of the Spirt start with Love?

Because everything is held in place by it! Jesus said, “You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.”

Loving God and other people is the most important commandment. He also added, “‘Love your neighbor as yourself’” (Matthew 22:39).

Our Journey to Love

For many of us our hearts were a mess before coming to Christ. We’ve all experienced hurts, rejection, forms abuse and disappointments. Often times from the very people that were supposed to love & protect us the most.

First, we must learn to receive God’s love for ourselves. Until then, we can’t truly love anyone else.

These experiences produce wounds and hurts that distort the “love lens” we look though. It isn’t until we surrendered control and started receiving God’s love that we can finally express it in abundance.

He loves us so much, He wants you and I to experience that love in the deepest part of our soul to our lost and hurting world.

Here’s actions you can take to nurture abundant love:

  1. Pray and ask Him to help you grow and express abundant love.
  2. Choose to believe the best about people rather than automatically assuming the worst.
  3. Look for simple acts of kindness to demonstrate love to people. Don’t wait respond to how you “feel”, respond to what’s true.
  4. Study the passages of Scripture that talks about God’s love for you.
  5. Journal thoughts and your response to God’s love.

What action are you taking right now to nurture abundant love?

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