These policies relate to individual guest responsibilities.  The Conference Coordinator is responsible for communicating and maintaining compliance with these policies within their group.


Alcohol– Use or possession of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs is forbidden.  Guests in non-compliance will be asked to leave, will forfeit any right to refund, and may jeopardize the invitation of their group to return to Windermere.


Campfire– Campfires should be scheduled in advance of your conference. Campfires are located in the Vesper area, Cedar Grove, Lake View and Spring Valley. Windermere can set the firewood; however, the groups will be responsible for lighting the fire. Groups may also provide their own firewood if approved by the Account Manager. Contact the Account Manager to make arrangements.


Curfew– There is an 12:30 AM curfew.  All guests, including sponsors, need to be in their rooms by this time.

Quiet time begins at 12:00 AM.


Dress– Clothing will be modest and appropriate for a family atmosphere.  Shorts, skirts, or dresses that are extremely short are inappropriate.  All females’ swimsuits MUST BE ONE PIECE or have a cover worn over them at all times.  All males’ swimsuits must be trunk type; no “Speedo” type swimsuits are allowed. Violations of this dress policy by guests will be addressed through consultation with group’s leader(s)


Firearms– Firearms and fireworks of any nature are forbidden.


Food & Drink–  No food or drink is allowed inside of Harding Auditorium or the Gymnasium of the Multi-Purpose Building.


Reservation     Windermere requires a $10 deposit per room per night for individual reservations. Cancellation 30 or Cancellation    more days prior to the arrival date will result in a full refund of the individual deposit; cancellation less Policy               than 30 days prior will result in forfeiture of the individual deposit. If there is a partial cancellation of an

individual reservation this will result in a forfeiture of the deposit for only the canceled portion of the reservation. The remainder of the deposit will go towards the cost of the room.


Lake/Swimming–  NO SWIMMING IS ALLOWED IN THE LAKE EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED SWIMMING AREAS. The ski beach is to facilitate skiers in having easy access to the water.  Skiers using this area should be cautious.


Lost  & Found– Items that are found in the buildings or on the grounds are placed in lost-and-found. Please contact the Front Desk concerning lost and found items.


Medical– Windermere staff must be notified of all medical incidents that occur on the premises. Please call 911 first for an emergency and then call Windermere or the Manager on Duty to assist the ambulance into campus

For secondary reimbursement by Windermere for any medical incidents, please contact the Account Manager.

Windermere does not provide medical or accident coverage for any guests, groups or participants. Please be sure medical insurance is provided through the group for each individual. For questions about coverage or how to obtain coverage for your group, please contact your Account Manager.

The guest is responsible for providing evidence of any and all applicable insurance to the medical provider. Once the guest’s insurance company has paid the medical provider, the guest must provide an explanation of benefits form the insurance company to Windermere. Subject to the above stated limitations, Windermere will then pay the medical provider for unpaid medical expenses..


Mail– Mail is available for pickup after 12:00 p.m.  All mail needs to include the guest’s name and name of the camp/conference the guest is attending.  Any mail received after the group has departed will be marked return to sender.


Pets– ABSOLUTELY  NO  PETS  ARE  ALLOWED  ON  THE  GROUNDS,  except  within  the  RV  Park boundaries.  Guests having pets outside the RV Park boundaries will be asked to take their pets off site or vacate the grounds.


Photography– Please note that a Winderemere Staff or photographer may be on site taking pictures of events and activities at Windermere. These photographs may be used on our web site, social media and in promotional materials.


Reservations– If  individuals and/or individual families are  to  make their  own  reservations for  this  event, then Windermere Reservations will require an individual/family deposit to be made consisting of $10.00 per night per person or per family for each unit reserved. Cancellation 30 or more days prior to arrival date will result in a full refund of the individual deposit; cancellation less than 30 days prior will result in forfeiture of the individual deposit. No reservations for a conference will be processed until we have received the signed contract and deposit.


Reservations can  only  be  made  or  modified  by  the  guest  occupying  the  lodging  room. Exceptions to the policy will only be made if the person requesting the change/room is paying for the room.


Rollerblades– Rollerblades, Skateboarding, bikes and scooters are allowed on the pool side of the lake only.  Due to high traffic, none are allowed on the office side of the lake. Full pads and helmet must be worn. Windermere Staff may ask guests to refrain from the use of the above mention if being used in a unsafe manner.


RVs– Campers, motor homes, and trailers may not be used as sleeping quarters when parked anywhere other than in the RV lots. No automobile (car, truck, van, etc.) may be used as sleeping quarters.


Smoking– Smoking is not permitted within any Windermere buildings.   Guests 18 or older are permitted to smoke outside. Violation of this policy will result in a charge.


Trash– There will be an additional cleaning charge resulting from any trash left in hallways or lobby areas of campus. There will be no charge for trash found in designated trash receptacles.


Vehicles–  Observe posted speed limit signs. All passengers must be inside the vehicle in accordance with state highway traffic laws.