Is Peace Possible?

Is Peace Possible?


To see a radical change in our world, peace starts with us. 

Can we ever find peace with people in a world that seems to spin further out of control? 

  • Nations at war
  • School shootings
  • Racial tensions
  • Christians going at each other’s throats on social media over minor differences

The answer is, absolutely.

But we who are baptized and receive God’s Holy Spirit can have access to a new nature. That new nature gives us the opportunity to grow in the fruit of peace (see Galatians 5:20-22).

We can walk in a peace that transcends the world, our personal circumstances, and any external force that would oppose us.

But how do we demonstrate this supernatural peace?

In Galatians 5, the word Paul uses for “peace” actually means “peace between individuals.”

We must practice the “spirit of peace” starting where we can have the greatest impact: Our sphere of influence. Drop conversations that are getting out of hand. This might involve saying something like, “Let’s agree to disagree.” 

Then be satisfied that you can’t change someone else’s mind about certain things. Peace is knowing that God’s intervention is necessary to change someone’s thinking (including our own).

Ask yourself these two questions.

What does His perfect peace look like in this situation?

Apply that question in your household, at work, social media, around your neighbors, and even the produce aisle at Walmart.  Walking in the fruit of peace starts with you and me being intentional about letting the peace of Christ rule our own hearts. 

Do I respect all people as a future member of God’s family?

Don’t look and respond to people as they are, but who they could be in Christ. Aren’t you glad that as you came to Christ that someone saw you for who could you be and not for who you were! 

Where can you bring the Spirit of Peace into your sphere of influence this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

Is Peace Possible?

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