Recreation Climbs

Want the experience of a lifetime? Our Recreation Climbs are prepared to meet that expectation. During your hour of free climb time you could experience flying down our zip lines or even leap into nothingness on our Leap of Faith. This is the perfect option for small families or large groups looking to just get a taste of adventure. Our staff are fully trained and certified to ACCT Standards and have the experience to match. They will aid you in conquering your fears and reaching your goals. Our open elements may change from day to day resulting in the possibility of having a different experience each day.

Private Sessions

Are you looking for something that is more group oriented? We have the perfect solution for you, a Private Session! These sessions offer groups the ability to work and grow together. Our staff will work one on one with you to help design the perfect program for what you are wanting to do. Whether your focus is wanting more recreation or more team building skills, we have a program that will work for you. Private Sessions are typically 3 to 8 hours, but we can adjust that to meet your groups needs. Our staff are fully trained and certified to ACCT Standards and have the experience to match. Between our high and low elements prepare for a time of enjoyment and growth!

The Details

When: Recreation Climbs are offered Monday-Saturday during our summer season.
Private Sessions can be scheduled all year, in advance.

Where: Recreation Climbs meet 10 minutes before scheduled time at The Edge.
Private Sessions meet at The Edge.

How: Schedule and purchase tickets for Recreation Climbs at The Barn.
Schedule and purchase Private Sessions at Sales at least two weeks in advance.

What to bring: Bring clothes that can easily fit under a harness. Dress according to the weather. Harnesses and helmets are provided while on the elements.

How long: Recreation Climbs are 1 hour long.
Private Sessions are typically 3 to 8 hours long, but can be adjusted to meet group needs.

*** We require that all participants or legal guardians fill out our Recreation Release before participating in any activities. ***