The Inflatables

Ready to get wet while having a blast? Jump into our Inflatable Waterpark! With a wide variety of water trampolines, icebergs, and water tots, it is fun for the whole family. Swim between elements after getting launched sky high off one of our catapults. Slide down the back of an iceberg after scaling almost a story and a half. Our waterpark is under the close supervision of our American Red Cross certified Lifeguards. All participants must wear a provided life vest.

The Details

When: The Inflatables are offered Monday-Saturday during our summer season.

Where: Participants meet at the boat house on the dock.

How: Schedule and purchase tickets for The Inflatables at the dock.

What to bring: Bring modest, one piece swimwear and a towel. Life vests are provided.

How long: The Inflatables are in 30 minute sessions.