Windermere is in the middle of a turnaround year. We have worked hard to dig out of some significant holes. We have reestablished cost controls and are now servicing all of our financial obligations. But, this has happened at a cost.

Starting today, we are asking churches, families, groups and even individuals to come and serve in our Renew and Refurbish Windermere Emphasis.

Here are the specifics:

  • You can Adopt-a-Building. You can choose a family cabin, one of our larger lodges, the motel, cabins or you pick a place. This can be a one-time-deal, or you can permanently adopt that building, keeping-up with whatever is needed, top to bottom.
  • For a permanent adoption; besides the time you can spend here while you are adopting; we would like to offer your Pastor, or Ministerial Staff one retreat per year, as our schedule permits, with prior notification.
  • You will go in and “do whatever it takes” to improve the appearance and presentation of each building.

Your church could make Windermere your mission project! Annually Windermere is a part of over 1,000 professions of faith. If your church or group adopts a building you will be direct impact on seeing lives changed at Windermere.

Help us spread to word to churches, Sunday school classes, and groups etc.

When you have secured a group, call us or contact us at 573-346-5200 ext. 107. We have some guide lines to break-down the effort and make it more manageable. We will schedule your project as soon as possible.  Fall is a great time for this project.

Most of all we would love your prayers. I know that Windermere’s best days are ahead!